Get the Best Genealogy Searches for Google by Using Your Family Tree

Using Google For Your Genealogy Searches

This free genealogy site helps you use Google for your research. It creates a series of different searches using tips or "tricks" that will likely improve your results using Google to find ancestry information on the Internet.

(maiden for female)

Tip: If you don't know an ancestor's parents, but know one of the ancestor's children, use the child's name for the First Name and Last Name below (and spouse, birth, and death) and then enter the ancestor as the Father or Mother. This gives more information for building a search.

Common Problems Using Search Engines for Genealogy

Have you tried to find your ancestry on any search engine? If so, you might have had thousands of results, most of which did not apply to your genealogy. This site minimizes this problem by suggesting more complex ways of looking for your ancestors that will provide you with better results.

Many Names are Common

One problem with using any search engine for genealogy is that many last names are common. For example, take the last name of "Hall." Using Hall genealogy will often result in more than 500,000 results. The first ones on the list might be best, but you run the risk of missing some results because there are so many. This site will suggest combinations or patterns of names to minimize the number of results and provide you with better results.

Some Words That Have Similar Meanings

Another aspect of using Hall genealogy is that it would miss selecting sites that use a different word that means the same thing. Family history, family tree, and ancestry are just a few words that have a meaning similar to genealogy. Finally, you need consider common misspellings, such as geneology. This site will automatically create searches that account for words with similar meanings to the term genealogy.

Words That Have Different Meanings

"Hall" is also used in the name of buildings (such as "Durham Hall") or in common phrases (such as "she walked down the hall"). This site will suggest combinations or patterns of names in order to minimize the likelihood of these erroneous results.


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