Genealogy Search on Google

Try a Different Search

You might want to try a different search for this person if it is possible that the first or last name could be spelled slightly differently. For example, the last name "Cummings" might have been spelled differently as "Cummins." Google does not have a search capability for names that "sound" similar.

You might also try a different search using someone else in your ancestry. If the results on your searches were not helpful, then perhaps searching for a person further back in your ancestry or along a different part of your family tree might provide better results.

Try Writing Your Own Google Searches

Another option is to write you own Google searches. The following site has "how is this useful" suggestions and keyword examples for Google genealogy searches.

Other Search Options

Google cannot find all the genealogy information available on the Internet. Here are two other ways to search for your ancestry online.

Search Family Trees

Google does not have information on many of the family trees that are available on the Internet. You need to use specialized search engines for family trees. An easy way to search for family trees is at the Family Tree Searcher site. This is a free site.

Search Census and Other Records

It is quite common that you cannot find anything useful related your genealogy using Google. This might be because no one has researched your family tree or, if someone has, that information has not been placed on a website. If you think that might be the case, the best way to start researching your ancestry is to go back to the basic sources such as census, birth, death and other records. If you would like some free advice about which records would be best for you and where you can find those records on the Internet, check out the Genealogy Search Advice website. This site will ask you what you already know about your ancestry and then give you customized advice for researching your ancestry. This is a free site.

Are You Just Starting Your Research?

Are you just starting to research your ancestry? If so, the following site provides an easy set of decision charts to help you get started. This is a free site.